al-manshour ★ المنشور

Revolutionary Socialism in Lebanon ★ الاشتراكية الثورية في لبنان


Links to third party resources, analysis and research can be found here.


Samidoun and the July War

Local forms of relief during the July war in 2006 and international humanitarian interventions: Implications on community preparedness for war and conflict. Case study addresses the forms of relief emerging from grassroots initiatives organised during July War by Samidoun. Read more.


Social work in extremis: Lessons for social work internationally Michael Lavalette and Vasilios Ioakimidis. What is the relationship between social work and the state? Who controls which services’ needs are addressed and how? This book looks at social work responses in different countries to extreme social, economic and political situations in order to answer these questions. Examples include war situations, military regimes, earthquakes and tsunamis. The results show the innovative nature of grass-roots provision and social work intervention. Read more.


Behind the Lebanese Apocalypse

Anne Alexander International Socialism Journal September 2020

The persistence of Lebanon’s sectarian political system serves both as a mechanism for sorting out disputes about the balance of power between different sections of the ruling class and a means to bind the loyalty of subordinate classes to those at the top of society ideologically and materially. Read more.


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